Packing List!

Hello IDDS Dkar participants. As the summit approaches we want to make sure that you have a comprehensive list of things for you to bring to the two weeks of co-creation that lies ahead of us. If you like, use this list as a checklist when you’re packing to come to Botswana.


❏ Passport and visa

Photocopies of all important documents such as:

❏ Passport/identification

❏ IDDS invitation letter

❏ Health Insurance information

❏ Flight itinerary

❏ Towels, and pillow (optional). We will provide sheets and a blanket

❏ Registration Fees and/or IDDS Financial Assistance Letter if applies)

❏ Your creative IDDS spirit! :)


Here are some items that you should bring with you in addition to your regular packing items.


❏ The month of August is the end of the winter season in Botswana. The night temperatures can be very freezing but it warms up rapidly during the day. It is also very windy during the day so a handkerchief or a bandana will be ideal for wiping off the dirt or dust. A warm sweater and long sleeve shirts (for avoiding bugs) are highly recommended

❏ Bring light colored clothes. This will also help you avoiding bugs

❏ Tshirts, shorts and trousers

❏ A sun hat or any other item that can help you protect from the sun.

❏ Mostly clothes that are easy to wash and that will hold up well in the workshops and dusty communities

❏ One set of nice clothes for making presentations at our important open events.

❏ Please drop in any cultural outfit (if any) for our cultural night

❏ Remember to bring enough underwear too. They always come in handy!

❏ Although it will be hot during the day, we recommend you bring closed toes shoes. These are ideal when working with tools
Women’s Wear : Both in the village and at the venue women are welcome to wear any outfit freely. Feel free to come with whatever is most comfortable for you given the warm weather

conditions and the chilly weather in the evenings. Keep in mind that light colors and long sleeve/trousers will help you avoiding bug bites. Those who would want to visit the church should bring skirts or dresses to wear to church.
Men’s Wear : Same case for men; you are welcome to wear any outfit. Light colors and long sleeve/ trousers are ideal to will help you avoiding bug bites. For church services men are advice to wear long trousers.


❏ Closed toe shoes for working in the workshops

❏ Sandals or Flip Flops for using inside the hostel and to shower

Insect repellent. We highly recommend you to bring lots of repellent. There is currently an upsurge of a mosquito but they do not cause malaria. Repellent and long sleeve, light colored clothes will be of great help in avoiding the mosquito

❏ Bath towels for use in the communities

The following items are optional, but recommended:

❏ Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dental floss

❏ Hand sanitizer or wet wipes (for cleaning hands when necessary)

❏ Small mirror (useful if you wear contacts)

❏ Nail Cutter

❏ Cottonbuds

❏ In general, we recommend you bring a mosquito net if you have access to one. We highly recommend it for those who are prone to mosquito bites.

Health items

❏ Basic first aid (we will provide first aid kits but be sure to bring any medication you need (for allergies, special conditions, headaches, upsetting stomach, bandages, antibacterial cream and anti-itch creams for heat rash or insect bite, vitamins, etc.). Medication for most common diseases are easily bought in Ghanzi.

❏ A refillable water bottle. We will have water dispensers throughout the venue.

❏ The spirit of the IDDS is in sharing and learning. At some points in the summit participants will share some of the skills they are good at. If you would like to share your skill (weaving, origami, jugglery, dance) please bring the materials or music you will need to share it.

Work items

❏ Cell phone (It is very helpful to bring your cell phone. Also make sure it is unlocked to accept foreign SIM cards).

❏ Laptop (We provide some computers for people to share at IDDS, feel free to bring your own if you wish)

❏ If you are bringing any electronics, don’t forget your chargers (converter/adapter plugs) and spare batteries. European and American plug adapters are easy to find in Botswana.
Useful items for travel

❏ Small flashlight with spare batteries (useful for reading at night or getting around on campus)

❏ Watch/alarm clock

❏ Handkerchief/bandana (good for wiping off dust, sweat, etc)

❏ Swimwear, as you never know where adventure will take you.
Entertainment (all optional)

❏ Camera with spare batteries/charger and extra memory card or a transfer cable

❏ Books, art supplies, small music instruments

❏ Items from your country to share with others:

❏ Traditional clothing, games, music

❏ Photographs of your home/family/country/work

❏ Tools and local technologies unique to your region

❏ Small gifts (but we will help teams make gifts to thank the village hosts and mentors so you don’t have to worry)
Items we provide

Other Packing tips:

  • Pack light but not too light that you leave out the most essential things you will need to make your stay worthwhile. It is best to use backpacks/luggage that is easy to carry.
  • We will be sharing snacks during our camp fires. Feel free to bring something typical that you are able to pack safely and would love to share with other participants.
  • Clothesline and pins (helpful for drying wet clothes outside)
  • Headphones/earplugs (good for long trips on noisy roads or if you are a light sleeper)
  • Money belt or small pack to discreetly carry money and valuables
  • Dictionary/phrasebook
  • Tools (we will provide tools but if you want to bring more specialized tools that you feel comfortable working with, feel free to bring that)


(*) Last but not least. At IDDS we like to share and get to know you better, despite of the short time. This is why throughout the summit, we invite participants to share about their interesting work, passion and awesome projects back home. And because we really want you to make most of the time you will have in Botswana, we recommend you to bring your presentations ready, to share a little about you with us.


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