These Hands will provide a wide range of business services for the projects and startups that we support. We aid our clients in their search for funding, mentors, and other vital resources. We also provide other services including:

These Hands USSD platform

USSD Platform
Our social network will include a USSD platform.  USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a protocol used by Global System for Mobile Phones (GSM) to communicate with computers and servers. This technology can be modified to service our social network. Since the use of GSM phones is widespread in regions with limited internet accessibility, this will create a social network that even those who lack internet access can use to lead their own development and entrepreneurial projects.

Consulting and Training

Consulting & Training

  • Best Policy Practice
  • Best Approach to Development Issues
  • Design Process
  • Business Model Canvass
  • Proposal Writing
  • Art Tool Kits
  • Graphic Design (Brand Management)
  • Event Management
  • Web Development
  • Film and Photography
  • Market Research

Community and Networking


  • Impact Hub
  • Online Research
  • News Publishing
  • Innovation Centers
  • Building Business Partnerships
  • Building Social Capital Across Borders

Resource Development

Resource Development
For our beneficiary’s social good solutions

  • Start-up Capital
  • Project Partners
  • Professional Development Grant
  • Mobility Grant


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